Time Saver Super Blast 1

Time Saver Super Blast 1

Coached by Robert Reames

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Type: Run
Where: Gym / Indoor / Outdoor
Equipment: None
Difficulty: Easy
Total Duration: 8 Minutes

In this super time saver short interval workout you’ll begin with a 3-minute warm up in your Zone 1 followed by a 2-minute high intensity all out effort in your Zone 5. Then you’ll cool down for 3-minutes to complete this 8-minute workout. It can be done on a treadmill, an elliptical or step unit, a recumbent or upright bike…or outside on track, a trail, on steps or throughout your neighborhood.

This workout is excellent if you have time slot in your day when you want to squeeze in a short but effective bout of physical activity. Or….it’s an excellent choice immediately after your strength and toning to elevate your body’s ability to burn fat even more!

As always your high intensity may be more resistance on the cardio piece, a faster pace or walk, more incline or a full on sprint. YOUR high level is YOUR high level…what ever level this may be. Which means regardless of your current fitness level…from beginners to elite….everyone can do this. Even with this short duration high intensity effort ….the fat burning results can extend hours after your workout effort. It’s built into your day.

Over and over the research confirms the benefits of high intensity interval training. SHOW UP….give it YOUR best effort and enjoy the results! - RR

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