Tempo 101 coached by Jenny Hadfield

Tempo 101

Coached by Jenny Hadfield


Type: Run
Where: Indoor / Outdoor
Equipment: None
Difficulty: Moderate
Total Duration: 40 Minutes

Tempo isn't about pace, it's about effort and finding your threshold as it shifts with fitness. Run below the redline and you're burning a higher level of fat for fuel. Run above your redline and you start to tap into your limited levels of glycogen stores.

The great news is you can raise your threshold with this Tempo Workout and improve your running speed while still burning energy efficient fat stores. In this workout you will learn how to find your redline threshold in any workout, on any day!

The Tempo 101 Workout includes a two-step warm-up, 4 sets of 5-min repeats at your tempo threshold effort with a 2-min recovery and a complete cool-down.

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Great training tool

by Susan - September 22, 2014

Coach Jenny provides great motivation for what can be a tough workout to do by yourself. Who am I kidding, I never do tempo workouts by myself!
The distance measurement was not (at all) accurate, maybe because it was at the track on an overcast morning. With her guidance, I ran about my 5K pace on the five minute tempo runs (without trying to hit a specific pace). I think the heart rate monitor might help, so I am going to try the mobile system.
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