Easy Cardio 3

Easy Cardio 3

Coached by Robert Reames

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Type: Walking
Where: Indoors / Outdoors 
Equipment: Not Necessary
Difficulty: Easy
Total duration: 28 Minutes 

The RR Easy Cardio 2 28 minute interval training workout is an easy to intermediate level workout for the Pear user that wants a challenge yet is not ready to run, climb or bike at the zone 5 high intensity level at this point. 

This workout begins with a warm up in Zone 1 moving then to various intervals throughout from your Zones 2 and Zone 3.  Turbo Two is unique of all the RR workouts as it contains a couple of longer Zone 3 intervals….one 8 minutes and then one at 10 minutes in duration.  It can be done at an outside location you have access to or any cardio machine of choice. 

The longest high intensity interval will last 10 minutes.

Conquer this Phase 1 series using this as to elevate and integrate into the many workouts available to you on Pear Mobile! 




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