Power Kayak Mixer

Power Kayak Mixer

Coached by Eric Jackson

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Type:  Kayak
Where:  Outdoors  on the Water
Equipment: Kayak (or SUP or Canoe), Paddle, PFD
Difficulty:   Moderate/Hard
Total duration: 25 minutes

Video:  Make sure to watch the video before beginning the workout for correct form. 

Nothing beats using a kayak paddle with water resistance to build power and muscle endurance through a full range of motion of your arms and shoulders.  

This workout combines full-speed sprints with active rest and a 10 minute steady state endurance paddle to loosen up the muscles and flush out the lactic acid and ATP residue. It focuses on toning your arms and mid section while burning fat. 

Combine this with my "Run-Push-Jump-Run" workout the same day and you have reached hero status.  You will want to do a few weeks of "one-a-days" first!

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