Fat Off Muscle On

Fat Off Muscle On

Coached by Eric Jackson

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Type: Strength
Where: Gym
Equipment: Light, medium, and heavy dumbbells, and pull-up bar
Difficulty: Hard
Total duration:  22 minutes

Video:  Make sure to watch the video before beginning the workout for correct form. 

This short but effective workout is a go-to for fat loss and muscle toning.  This is the exact routine I use when I am training for another world championship competition, while running Jackson Kayak and raising 3 kids.  It is a low time commitment that yields quick results.  5-8, 10-12, and 15-25lb weights are recommended for women.  10-12, 20-30, and 50-70 lb weights are recommended for men.  Although short in duration, this workout keeps a fast pace with high intensity.

The workout consists of a low impact muscle warm-up followed by 3 x 7 min circuits of push-ups, chin-ups or negatives, dips or negatives, curls and overhead press, bent over single arm rows, and the heavenly ab blaster finale.  (new paragraph)  

This workout can be combined with my Multi-Speed Cardio Blast treadmill workout for full body conditioning.   

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