Daily Thirty

Daily Thirty

Coached by Nancy Anderson

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5Workouts per week

Type: Run / Strength / Core
Where: Gym / Indoor / Outdoor
Equipment: Treadmill / Medicine Ball / Dumbbells
Difficulty: Moderate
Workout Durations: 30 Minutes

This 1-Week Plan features Five 30-minute Workouts. There are 2-Treadmill Runs and 3-Strength Workouts.

Throughout this week-long program you will hit every muscle group while burning fat and leaning out your physique.

Don't think, just do! It's a new week and a new opportunity to get you closer to your fitness goals. Let this fat-blasting, muscle-toning program help fuel your transformation.

Use this plan to jumpstart your fitness regimen or do it every week to stay focused and on track while seeing and feeling results!

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