Fig Yoga 1

Coached by Newton Campbell

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From the time Newton Campbell started teaching yoga, he has brought a dimension of transformation to his students. His rigorous style pushes people past the challenges of inflexibility toward endurance and tranquility.

In this Fig Yoga classes, poses are held for many breaths so you can really learn and understand your body and the poses without rushing in and out of them. This will provide a much deeper comprehension of the practice; profound awareness; proper use of the breath; proper alignment; and mental awareness.

This yoga class was designed to build core, stamina, strength and endurance while detoxifying the body, it will increase your circulation and awaken the mind, body, heart and spirit.

Poses included in this class:



Downward Dog

Low Lunge

Standing Lunge

Standing Twist

Standing Balance

Head to Knee

Half Moon

Side Plank

Knee to Elbow


Fore Arm Plank

Total duration: 40 Minutes

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