HIIT Shuttle

HIIT Shuttle

Coached by Kirk Olson

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Type: HITT Run
Where: Outdoor
Equipment: 4 Training Cones
Difficulty: Hard
Total duration: 34 Minutes

This HIIT workout is designed to work your anaerobic energy system. In this workout, you'll set up two cones or markers 25m apart and work through 3 periods of effort, shuttling between cones at 300, 200 and 100 meters.  But while the distances get smaller, so do the recovery times!  This is a challenge, but the objective is to condition your body in a highly intense manner, so you will be able to effectively handle the rigors presented in ice hockey.  This workout is a game changer! 


NOTE: The warm up is not included.  It's recommended that you complete Warm-Up 1 prior to starting! 

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