Cardio Core 6-Pack

Cardio Core 6-Pack

Coached by Ben Greenfield

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Where: Indoors
All Levels 
Total duration: 
34 minutes

This combo workout is a highly effective and fast moving mix of cardiovascular endurance and core training, and is appropriate for all levels. Rather than simply doing a steady state cardio session followed by a traditional “abs” workout, you’ll instead be doing a cardio ladder of 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5-minute efforts, with a stop for 2 minutes of a highly functional core training exercise between each effort:

-  Corkscrews

-  Mountain Climbers

-  Double Leg Back Bridges

-  Bicycle Crunches 

Time will fly as you progress through this full body routine that will burn a massive amount of calories while simultaneously working on your six pack abs.


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