Cardio Booster 1

Cardio Booster 1

Coached by Matt Fitzgerald

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You don't have to spend hours at the gym for an effective workout. With this fun, interval-based training session, you'll burn calories quickly and efficiently.

Developed by European exercise physiologists, 30-20-10 runs are scientifically proven to yield positive results more than traditional workouts. 30-20-10 runs are made up of one-minute intervals in which you run at a low intensity (Zone 2) for 30 seconds, then pick it up to a moderate intensity (Zone 3) for the next 20 seconds, and finally finish the last 10 seconds at a high intensity (Zone 5). In this beginner's workout, you will warm up for 10 minutes, complete five 30-20-10 intervals, and then cool down for 5 minutes for a fun and effective training experience.

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