Cardio Band Blast 2

Cardio Band Blast 2

Coached by Fit Chef Katy

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Type: Strength / Run
Where: Gym / Indoor / Outdoor
Equipment: Resistance Band
Difficulty: Easy
Total duration: 25 Minutes

This workout was created to make strong and lean muscles for your lower body. It has a mix of quick and intense cardio bursts to keep your heart rate up and your body burning calories. When you transition into the band moves you will find that a little bit goes a long way. Make sure to always have tension in your band, and keep your core tight and your chest strong and open.

This workout is designed to give you strong, sleek legs with some amazing core tightening and fat burning. Who doesn’t want all that!

TIP: Before the workout, have a tension band that is circular and the right tension that works for you to be able to do 30-45 reps. So nothing too tight, or too loose when you don’t feel it. Also have some space where you can do plank exercises and some cardio exercise that will require you to move around.

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