Cardio Band Blast 1 coached by Fit Chef Katy

Cardio Band Blast 1

Coached by Fit Chef Katy


Type: Strength / Run
Where: Gym / Indoor
Equipment: Resistance Band
Difficulty: Easy
Total duration: 25 Minutes

This workout was designed to create strong and long muscles for the upper body. It has a mix of quick and intense cardio bursts to keep your heart rate up and your body burning calories. When you transition into the band moves, You will find that a little bit goes a long way with the tension. Make sure to keep good form and hold that core tight. Keep the shoulders and the back strong throughout the whole workout.

Before the workout have a long resistance band of the color tension that works for you to repeat about 30-45 reps. Also have a space where you can do jumping jacks, run in place or jump rope. This is a resistance strength routine so your heart rate will stay in a lower zone, but with the cardio will be pushed.

This workout will tone muscle and burn fat. Just the combination you came to do!

Workout moves: Overhead press right arm,  overhead press left arm, bicep curls, right side lateral raise, left side lateral raise, cross over, torso twist to the right, torso twist to the left, triceps push back.

Cardio options: Jumping jacks, running in place or jump rope.

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Great first workout

by TG - October 6, 2014

Great beginning workout for newbies. Easy to follow, not too taxing. The coaching is concise and very clear. Was sweating but not overly tired after the workout. Invigorating. Left me wanting to do it again. Heart monitor worked well and the app responds quickly to the changing heart rate as the workout progresses. Will be looking into the other offerings by this coach and others. Good job!
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