Cardio Band Blast 1 coached by Fit Chef Katy

Calorie Challenge

Coached by Robert Reames

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Did you just have a donut, a couple pieces of pizza, a few beers, or maybe an order of fries? Was it frozen yogurt with the works? Or is the plan to go out later for a little indulgence, and you want to work it off now?! Regardless, this fun, challenging, unique, and flexible workout is a calorie goal-based workout that you can implement anytime, anywhere, at any fitness level, beginners through elite.

Your goal is to simply burn 260 calories at the pace of your choice. The more intense the pace you choose, the faster you will hit this calorie goal. You can choose a moderate or low intensity as well, and you can even fluctuate levels within the workout!

You can implement this workout on any mode of cardio: a machine in the gym, at home, in an open space, or on a track.

Example: Typically a 180 lb person at a low to moderate pace will complete the 260 calories in approximately 30-35 minutes. Once again, the higher the intensity, the more quickly you finish. Enjoy, and burn those calories!
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