Body Toning Gym 1

Body Toning Gym 1

Coached by Robert Reames

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6Workouts per week

Type: Strength / Core
Where: Gym / Indoor / Outdoor
Equipment: None
Difficulty: Easy
Workout Durations: 21-28 Minutes

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The Supertone Fatloss Resistance GYM Part 1 Program is a jump start for the full 8 week package.

It’s a comprehensive, step by step, strength, toning and conditioning exercise plan for you to achieve maximum fat loss, boost metabolism and tone and condition your entire body to look, feel and be at YOUR peak level of health, goal weight and YOUR personal best. You can use this program for the 2 weeks in preparation for the full on Supertone Fatloss 8 week GYM series. Or….you can continue this program for as long as you feel you need to… to work it… prepare…continue to build momentum …and then take it to the next level when you feel that you are ready. I’ll walk you through it all the way. My workouts include all strength training, cardio, flexibility, core training elements, warm up and cool down for a COMPLETE and comprehensive exercise experience.

1000’s of lbs. have been lost under the guidance of my programs. They are now available to you on Pear Sports. Remember that strength training and toning along with cardio is an essential component to maximize results and elevate your body into a stronger, better more efficient fat burner around the clock, long after you’ve completed your workout even at total rest.

SHOW UP and Actively follow this simple but effective “Part One” program as you continue to elevate your fitness level, shed the lbs, drop the inches and the body fat that you want to lose. And.... to get that great feeling you deserve. Get this going for YOU …today!

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