Super SlimTone Bands 1 coached by Robert Reames

Body Toning Bands 1

Coached by Robert Reames

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Type: Core / Strength
Where: Gym / Indoor / Outdoor  
Equipment: Resistance Band
Difficulty: Moderate
Total duration: 27 Minutes 

IMPORTANT: Watch the videos demonstrating correct technique for each of the exercises before you do the workout.

This 27 minute resistance bands workout is a comprehensive total body strength and toning experience that includes both core and flexibility training plus warm up and cool down.

You’ll be using resistance bands as resistance for this workout. This is the first of three levels in the Super SlimTone Resistance Bands series. This resistance bands workout can be done anywhere anytime. All you need is yourself, your Pear device and the appropriate set of bands for your current given level of fitness.

Pushing motions will work the chest, shoulder and triceps areas, pulling motions will work the back, biceps and shoulders and you’ll do complete exercises working the entire lower body, arm and core areas as well. You’ll continue to practice optimum posture and alignment throughout.

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