Bodacious Booty 3

Bodacious Booty 3

Coached by Kaylin Richardson

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Not all butts are created equal! To many, a perky butt is the most desirable butt. And it is also the most powerful! This bodyweight circuit is made up of three exercises, two of which are ballistic to help achieve just that- perkiness! To get that powerful lift of the posterior you have to do some powerful lifting, in this case jumping, of your own.

This bodyweight circuit uses basic movement patterns to build total body fitness, with an emphasis on legs and core.  The major focus is on the integrity of the movements.


This workout jumps right into it, so consider starting with the Ultimate Warmup or a short five-minute walk or jog.


Mixed intervals of knee bend hops, squat jacks, giradelli's, and suicide push ups.


Thoughtful stretching is crucial to keep you nice and flexible for your next work out.

IMPORTANT: Watch the videos demonstrating correct technique for each of the exercises before you do the workout.

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