Bike Fitness Assessment

Bike Fitness Assessment

Coached by Matt Dixon

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Type: Bike
Where: Indoor / Outdoor
Equipment: Road Bike / Stationary Bike
Difficulty: Hard
Total Duration: 65 Minutes

This session will gain insight into your current fitness state with a benchmark assessment of 20-min best effort.

You’ll begin with a 10 minute easy Zone 1 warm-up.

This will be followed by a Pre Main Set with 6 rounds of 2-min building efforts. With a rest of 3-4 min.

The Main Set:


5-min BEST all out sustained strong effort throughout, holding highest effort possible, followed by a 10-min easy spin.


20-min Time Trial. Controlled best output across the whole 20-min. Go for record average power, heart rate and perceived effort. BEST EFFORT!

You’ll finish with a 5-min cool down.

Tip: This workout should be completed on a trainer OR even 3-5% grade hill OR road with no stop lights.

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