Base Training - Beginner

Base Training - Advanced

Coached by Matt Fitzgerald

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6Workouts per week

Type: Run
Where: Outdoor
Equipment: None
Difficulty: Hard
Workout Durations: 39-52 Minutes, 10-14 Miles

This 3-Week, 18-Workout training plan was designed for experienced competitive runners who are in the early weeks of preparing for a half marathon or marathon. The program is based on the 80/20 Rule, as described in coach Matt Fitzgerald’s book 80/20 Running.

Each week you will do approximately 80 percent of your total running at low intensity (Zones 1 and 2) and 20 percent at moderate (Zone 3) to high intensity (Zones 4 and 5).

Cutting-edge research shows that runners of all ability and experience levels improve the most when they train in this “mostly slow” fashion.

IMPORTANT: You should be comfortable running 6 times per week for up to 10 miles or more before you start the plan.

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