Accordion coached by Chris McCormack

Accordion (Macca)

Coached by Macca


Type: Run
Where: Outdoor
Equipment: None
Difficulty: Hard
Total Duration: 52 Minutes

Set on the beautiful trails of Davos, Switzerland, this set was introduced to Chris by one of Australia’s greatest marathon runners of all time, Steve Moneghetti, to help strengthen the second half of his marathon.

This workout begins with a 10-minute easy running in Zone 2.

The main body of the run consists of 4 x 3-minute in Zone 4 intervals with a 5-minute Zone 3 recovery.

The session concludes with a 10-minute cool-down in Zone 2

Tip: Do this run on a flat to gently rolling route if possible.

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Super hard run workout - try it!

by Kristian - December 18, 2013

I loved this workout. Macca's coaching is great. I can tell it was done a world champion. It is hard!
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