26.2 Asics LA Beginner Plan

26.2 Asics LA Beginner Plan

Coached by Matt Fitzgerald

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4Workouts per week

Type: Run
Where: Outdoors 
Equipment: None
Difficulty: Moderate
Total Duration: 16 Weeks

If you’re getting ready for your first marathon, or if you need or prefer a low-mileage training program for any reason, the Beginner Level Asics LA Marathon Training Plan will be a perfect fit.

Designed by renowned running coach Matt Fitzgerald exclusively for the Asics LA series and delivered through the PEAR platform, the plan is 16 weeks long and features four runs per week. You should be able to run 4 miles when you start the program, which includes a wide variety of workouts to build well-rounded fitness in a time-efficient manner and keep things fun. Coach Matt will guide you step by step through each heart rate-based workout with audio instructions, tips, and encouragement.

Use the Beginner Level Asics LA Marathon Training Plan to achieve your marathon goal and get the most out of the whole training experience!

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